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Transparent P10 C2 Series

Ledwall semi-outdoor 


  • Slim cabinet
  • Ultra light cabinet
  • High transparency
  • Energy efficient
  • High brightness
  • Shadow elimination
  • Fast assembly

High transparency and high brightness

C2 owns tremendously improved transparency of 70%, high transparency makes images or videos magically pop up in the air. Its incredible high brightness of 8000nits making display more eye-catching and content more readable.

Application: Shopping mall, giant glass wall, shop-window, creative display, etc.

Front-emitting technology

Front-emitting technology results in zero lighting leakage and perfect display performance, C2 transparent LED display is compatible with most of the prevailing diodes.

High brightness display, more eye-catching and readable

As a semi-outdoor product, C2 transparent LED display is designed with an incredible brightness of 7000 nits, featuring an amazing visual experience when it is viewed outside the glass wall.

Special IC layout design, advanced thermal management

IC is well – proportionally organized and with advanced thermal management, no heat aggregation effect, ensuring amazing display effect and longevity of live.

Industry-leading transparency

To tremendously improve transparency and least compromise indoor lighting, C2 is made of fine material with transparency of 89%, assuring C2 an industry-leading transparency of 70% for displays above 10mm.

Thin and light

C2 has a thickness of 90mm and weight of 12kg per square meter, it helps to save cost on transportation and installation.

Flexibility in pixel pitch switching

With a single light bar design, pixel pitches are interchangeable, no need to redesign the PCB.

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