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Electronic portable medical equipment

Real time HD

HD 1080p image sensor + 60 frames/s acquisition rate + HDMI data transmission + HD 1080p display
Can be connected to a computer or directly connected to a HD display

Technical characteristics

Supports non-polarization, polarization and infiltration 3 illumination modes.
A variety of lenses can be switched to use, taking into account the image acquisition of skin and hair lesions.
Using high-definition (1080P) image sensor, the image signal is clearly imaged.
The high-definition video and signals can be output to an external display device through HDMI, and the acquisition rate is 60 frames/s, and the observation is clearer.
Support for image freezing, image saving and looking back.
Built-in large-capacity memory card to save HD images, can store 10,000pcs, and can be exported through the USB interface.
Ergonomically designed for easy portability and ease of use.
Can be connected to a computer or directly connected to a HD display.

Clinical application:

Necessary inspection tools for hair diseases
Accurate diagnosis of fungal dermatosis
Qualitative analysis of pigmented diseases
Differential diagnosis of allergic dermatosis and bacterial dermatosis

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